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This policy is valid from 10 December 2020. Last updated 10 December 2020.

Comment Policy:

Reader comments are encouraged where possible. We welcome all opinions and vantage points. All are welcome but please be respectful of one another. At DurAmerica Brokerage, we firmly believe that we should celebrate our differences so you don’t have to agree with everything that someone says up here. Debate it, refute it, or flat out disagree with it but do it constructively and civilly.

We understand that things can sometimes get heated when in the thick of a great conversation. Do not personally attack anyone up on this site. This will not be tolerated.

When commenting, please use your real name. Our commenting system makes it easy since you can log in with any number of pre-established profiles you use every day. Do not use “keywords” as your commenter name — this is spammy and a tactic employed by paid blog commenters. If you are concerned about privacy, then use an alias (John Smith, Jane Doe, first name only, etc.) Keyword names will be removed and banned. No exceptions

Spam of any kind is not tolerated on this site. There are multiple anti-spam mechanisms in place up here, but occasionally something may get through.  In addition to the “typical” spammy things such as prescription medication, student loan consolidation and timeshare sales, blatant self-promotion and advertising will not be tolerated. Advertise your business on your own site, like we do here. Again, offenders will be removed and banned. When in doubt, ask. We monitor the blog and will quickly let you know if your request is unreasonable.

We will rarely edit a comment, but will never change its intent. We will edit a comment for its format. This is usually done in cases where the comment  format creates a display issue on the site.  We will also add/edit/remove URLs to better service our readers. Strong language may be edited. We feel our readers are mature and responsible enough to express themselves at their own discretion. If we feel it’s inappropriate we will edit it at our discretion.


All content on the DurAmerica Brokerage site is protected by US Copyright. This included imagery, video, sound bites, etc.  “Fair Use” allows for small portions of text to be used and quoted as long as there is a prominent link back directly to the post URL — permission is not required for fair use – and is encouraged. If you want to use an image, video, sound bite or repost an article in its entirety, please contact us here and ask our permission. We are always fair about accommodating people who find our content helpful and want to spread it. “Scraping” this site and/or RSS feed and/or republishing content without permission is strictly prohibited. We will pursue any and all legal avenues to protect our copyright and intellectual property.


DurAmerica Brokerage holds all user privacy in the highest regard. Please view our privacy policy for more details.


This blog is a business blog written and edited by the employees of DurAmerica Brokerage and some guest authors. For questions about this blog, please contact us here .Opinions are that of the blog post author. When we present data, it is believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of publishing, but is not guaranteed. You should never make financial or business decisions based on anything you read on the internet anywhere without first consulting your financial adviser, CPA, and/or attorney.

This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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