About DurAmerica Brokerage

DurAmerica Brokerage is a general insurance agency that specializes in the insurance needs of commercial businesses, entities, holding companies & the individuals associated with them. Originally founded in 1996, we have been serving the interests of our clients for over 20 years. We assist in the procurement, management and compliance of a business’s insurance policies. Consulting our clients on the risks associated with the operation of the business, helps them to continue focusing on growth, while being confident that they have a partner that efficiently handles all insurance aspects. We accomplish this by providing our clients the choice, technology and expertise to get the job done!
As much as insurance may be the last thing on your mind, small business insurance is perhaps one of the most important factors that your business needs.

Protection against lawsuits, property damage or loss of revenue – due to circumstances beyond your control – is key to ensuring that your business avoids those nasty potholes on the road to growth and success.

With DurAmerica, we can make sure to help you through any unforeseeable obstacles which may otherwise put you and your business’s future at serious risk.

Why DurAmerica?

DurAmerica understands small businesses. We understand the unique needs and specifics of small business insurance along with the risks they may run into. What’s more, our agents are each specialized in their own professions.

We believe in building a relationship with our client by first pairing them with an agent who knows their profession, and in turn knows exactly what that profession needs, and doesn’t need. And secondly, by offering each of our client’s affordable and comprehensive insurance plans that fit their unique situation, giving them the peace of mind they need to focus on the growth of their business.

If your business is a book, than Insurance is the bind and cover, which holds it all together.

Too many insurance providers cut and paste policies without delving deeper into the needs of the client and the clients industry. DurAmerica is proud to take the time needed to bring you agents who explain all the details of our policies and particular plans, and which you may or

Personal Service

One of the things that has made DurAmerica one of the nation’s premier Insurance providers, is our impeccable customer service. We’ll sit down with you and evaluate every aspect of your business. We’ll get to know you and your employees. We will also take the time needed to explain your insurance to you, so that you are always in the know about your coverage.

The Benefits of DurAmerica

  • Over 20 years’ experience dealing with small business insurance
  • Representation of a vast majority of insurance companies
  • Quick and easy online applications with efficient quotes specified to your particular needs
  • Agents that are specialized in your industry, ensuring the right policies are offered
  • Our insurance plans are tailor made to fit you and your business
  • We make things simple so you don’t have to worry
  • We provide and seek to educate all our customers on our policies and plans, so that you are in the know and don’t get flustered with information you don’t understand
If you are a small business and are about to:
  • Work as a contractor
  • Sign a contract
  • Begin working with a new client
  • Move into a new office or sign a lease

You will need a Certificate of Insurance. 

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